I received my first #musthavebox yesterday and absolutely love how functional everything is.

Rhubarb Spring Candle by Produce Candles. Value $20 and crafted in Charleston, SC with natural soy wax.

This candle smells divine, the mason jar packaging, colors and paper top is so darling. I ended up gifting it to my mom who is obsessed with it.


Garden-in-a-Bag Basil from Potting Shed Creations. Value $10, seedlings sprout in 7-10 days and ready to use in 6 weeks. Was fun getting my hands dirty and can’t wait to watch these babies grow!



24-7 Bag from Flip & Tumble. Value $12 and rolls up into a very light weight ball that I already carry in my purse.


Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum from One Love Organics. Value $39 with a fresh floral scent and used to moisturize skin after a bath/shower. Application reminds me of  tanning oil and makes me excited for the summer! I also like the nifty lock/unlock button so that I don’t have to worry about leakage.


Dottie Umbrella from Dabney Lee. Value $20; navy blue with white polka dots and a pink handle. Colors really compliment my skin tone color wheel and although I don’t really need another umbrella, it’s totes cute and can’t wait to use it! (if it ever rains again here in SoCal)


It also came with a $25 gift card to Mott 50 known for their sun protection fashion. I have never heard of this place before but fingers crossed that I will be able to afford their merch.

All in all, A+


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