Fresh Faced | Beauty Series

Since I am in my thirties (sigh), I have to start caring about my health and develop healthy habits so that I can continue looking youthful. Depending on your genetics, you may be blessed or not with high or low maintenance routines. Not sure if you’re blessed or not? Take a look at your parents and grandparents and see how gracefully they have aged.

Adult Acne

I am not as blessed as Tyra Banks, but I’m also not too bad (I like to believe). So let’s begin with my successes in hopes that they can be your successes too!

Adult acne sucks. There are a plethora of reasons why acne occurs (stress, diet, dirt). Which is why I recommend the following:

  1. 8 hrs of sleep per night
  2. Don’t drink your calories (unless it’s sugar free tea, black coffee and/or a meal replacement shake). Other than that, drink water only
  3. Clean your face upon waking up and before you go to sleep

Follow these 3 rules, and you’re on your way to acne free skin!

For #3, you will need:

  • Facial motorized scrub brush
  • Face cleanser
  • Spot acne treatment
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer
  • SPF (day time only)

I use a clarisonic Mia motorized face brush with Neutrogena’s daily cleanser. I LOVE my Mia and recommend it tremendously!!! It cleans every nook & cranny as well as massages the blood flow.

IMG_3557Once my face is dry, I apply spot acne treatment that I bought from Target (up & up brand) for any pimples or blackheads that I notice.


Then apply serums underneath eyes, on laugh lines, forehead wrinkles and neck. Serum is water based which is why it’s important to not forget step 4.


Once the serum is dry (like 10 mins), apply night moisturizer if this is before bedtime or apply day moisturizer if this is after waking up. Or buy a day/night combo moisturizer (like below).


If you’re doing this before bed, you’re done! If you just woke up, then find a tinted SPF instead of using a foundation.


Then apply a powder foundation and continue with your makeup routine (or go natural!).

Try to buy products that have mostly natural ingredients. After 2 weeks, your skin will clear dramatically and age gracefully. πŸ‘