Yesterday was my first wedding that I co-coordinated for the lovely Adrian & Rowena at the Howl Adventure Event Space in downtown Long Beach.     It was a 12 hour day of heavy lifting, smiling, directing, trash runs, blisters and a bummed knee.  The wedding was efficient, fun and totally reflected the couple. With DIY center pieces (blue tinted glass jars filled with paper flowers); potted plant wedding favors; Jenga guest book; photo booth; heart string backdrop and hand crafted flags. I really wish I took photos of these darling crafts but unfortunately my phone was occupied with providing music on spotify or I was just too darn busy trying to do 17 things at once.     Since I was busy working behind the scenes, I only witnessed the couple trivia and bouquet toss and let me tell you! You could feel the love and support from all the guests for Adrian and Rowena while they listened to the silly personalized trivia questions to see how well the couple really knows each other 😀☺️😁. You could see the happiness and excitement fluttering above from soul to soul while they gathered to catch Rowena’s beautifully handcrafted bouquet. 💟👰🏻💟👰🏻 I hope their special day was a success and memorable for them.  I also realized that if I ever decide to help execute such an event again, comfy nurse shoes and a fanny pack is a must 👌🏻  IMG_4813