From You to You

From You to You


Daily Prompt suggests to write a letter to your 14 year old self and tomorrow to write to your 20+ self.

Me at 14 years old was in the 9th grade, freshman year at Millikan H.S. In Long Beach, CA (where they filmed American Pie).

You have:

  • Moved 3 times from one small home to an even smaller home to a smaller one and a smaller one
  • You have 2 older sisters (whom you despise now because they’re so mean to you but will look up to and value as you get older), 2 younger sisters (who will become your best friends), and 2 younger brothers (who look too much like your father but thankfully do not inherit his faults) and years later will have another brother & sister added to the bunch (whom are still young strangers to you as of today)
  • Your parents have been divorced for half the length of your life and you can’t remember your parents together as a couple (and never will)
  • You enjoy being a couch potato (which never changes haha)

Fast forward 17 years and you’re now 31 years old! Remember when you thought 19 was old?

You go to college as assumed but take much longer than necessary before you graduate.

You are hormonal and emotional (which never changes) and fall in love with 6 different guys.

You’ll have your very own pet 8-week old Yorkie Poodle and treat him like a human. He becomes your soulmate. Through his eyes, you see unconditional love. You then give him away to a good family when he’s 5 years old, they also treat him like a human. You give him up because as you are adulting, you have less time to spend with him. Leaving him alone for so long stresses you out. There still isn’t a day that passes by that you don’t think about your sweet baby angel Bryce-poo.

You’ll work once you turn the budding age of 16 and afford awesome CDs and go to cool rock shows with friends.

You’ll travel to Costa Rica and have the time of your life zip lining through forests. You’ll eat in an airplane stuck in a tree and will dissolve friendships you had with your travel companions for good (which is okay because you learn that some people aren’t meant to be in your life for very long).

You’ll go through tough and rough times and I wish you knew that everything will work itself out. I wish you knew that being patient really does pay off and that the world does not revolve around you.

You’ll lose your Nana and another. You’ll welcome 3 sweet nephews and a clever niece.

You’ll dye your hair hot pink and wear a mohawk. You’ll mark your body with tattoos and stretch your ears.

You still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up. I know you thought you’d be a doctor but science has way too much ish for you to remember.

You’ll go through many phases. You’ll go through a bitch phase, a slut phase, a depressed phase, a party phase.

And because you’re so darn impatient, you don’t mind my spoiling the future for you.

Never married and no kids.

You’ll learn how to be happy. You’ll learn how to be content with just yourself which will blow your mind for about a week. You’ll learn that there is no such thing as permanent or forever.

You enjoy making others happy, you enjoy giving gifts. You love to take photos of everything and turning them into photo albums like the good old days.

I wish you would learn to forgive yourself sooner than later and with great loss, you will crumble, you will fumble, you will humble. And it is the best thing that ever happens to you.