I listened to Elastic Heart by Sia on loop for hours, watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall everyday and felt like every breath was an arm wrestle that I was on the verge of losing.

After being dumped by the same guy 14 times, you may lose some friends who are tired of listening to the same nonsense over and over. And that is A-OK.

Fortunately, I have 2 of the most understanding peeps to help me get through this recent one.

Peep uno: my oldest sister who is always mistaken for as my twin but let me remind you that she is 5 whole years older than me…..

She has seen me ugly cry and be ridiculous. She knows who I am better than I do and has always been there for me. Especially when I needed her the most. She helped remind me to be rational and validated my feelings. She helped me distract myself with online dating and I will forever be grateful. At first I was anti-all things relationships. But throwing myself out there, meeting new people who really wanted to get to know me for me and treat me well was the confidence kicker that I needed.

Peep dos: if I was into vagina, I would make her my wife. But I’ll take her however I can.

This little modern Buddha is the real deal and you would be so fucking lucky to absorb her wisdom. This hot bitch blew my mind when she explained to me how only I can make myself happy.

It sounds like you’re lacking something….I don’t know if it’s love or care or attention and you seem to believe that it should come from another person…Or for some reason you don’t think you deserve to give it to yourself.

So you focus on other’s shortcomings towards you…and continue to give your efforts away to others in hopes they return the favor.

No one was born in this world to take care of another being, we all have the same purpose: survival. Companionship is a nice bonus, but there’s no rule saying we have to make others happy.

Whether he wants you or not doesn’t matter. That’s his decision, his view, his life…you have 0% control over it…what he thinks and feels is none of your business.

You were born with all of the necessary tools; and relationships are just passing tools, because in the end we die alone.

So this girl (me), who felt broken; learned how to be her own best friend and finally learned what it meant to be happy, with just my fucking self!

I have mended so successfully because these two precious souls helped me get through this momentous heart ache.

Thank u! Thank u! 💟💟