And another one bites the dust


LOVE love.

Call it the halo effect, love addiction or seeing through rose-colored lenses, I don’t fucking care.

As life goes on…. I try to remind myself to slow down.

You’ve come this far Vicki, calm the fuck down and enjoy the ride. Nothing is permanent; nothing lasts forever.


And because I love taking on new challenges, I put myself out there.

Looking for the one and all…..

Dreamers gon’ dream… And in all honesty, I don’t really expect to find him…


We met. I liked you. Then I liked you intensely. Then I liked you madly.

I LOVED your kisses. The way you motherfucking smelled soooooo good. Your style; your smarts; your past; your goals; the way you held my face in your hands.

And I fell for it. I forgot that I’m supposed to take everything with a grain of salt, right? Put up walls around my heart?

I forgot that I’m probably the #th girl that you held within your hands this week.

The fall is exciting at first. Then when you disappeared, the fall was tormenting.

And the ache, oh my motherfucking god, the ache was like a virus.

Friends told me,

You had to go through him to get to the one.

You have to go through all of these wrongs, to find that (what I’m starting to believe is mythical) one who just makes everything right.

How many wrongs are we talking about?

Because, I’ve had 3 long term relationships summing up to 8 years of my adulthood with heavy rebound periods in between; followed by an online dating spree.

And out of every one, every face, every precious soul…… you were my favorite.


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