We met on the Huntington Beach pier in the middle of July. You had short blonde hair, green eyes and dimples that melted my heart. You reminded me of the cute little surfer turtles from Finding Nemo with your mellow, care-free attitude.

We spent the next 6 hours getting to know each other and I liked you right away.

I genuinely believed that I’d never meet anyone better than you.

You were everything to me.

Suddenly, there was you.

We met for dinner at a local restaurant. You were handsomely tall, dressed in a nice long sleeved button down with  your short blonde wavy hair and a face I could get used to kissing.

It was the most bizarre weather too! It was what, a high of 90 F? And then started to rain? My superstitious self saw it as a positive sign…as if rain meant good luck…

You were the first guy I really liked after my devastating breakup.

Our connection and chemistry was too unique…too intense that it had to be impossible to find someone who could replicate or succeed it.

Yet you proved me wrong.

You had dark blonde hair and piercing blue eyes that I was too shy to peer into.

With you, layers of forgotten facets unveiled as you held me close; listening to the soft beat of your heart and the steady flow of your breath.

With you, I was able to let my true self emerge.

With you, everything felt magical.

Except, you were different.

Different from anyone I’ve ever dated; tall, light and handsome, masking your country purr and looking at me adorning with your cool blue eyes.

You told me how much you loved being with me and how much you loved the way my hands felt in your hands…Being with you felt so right.

Then you wrapped your hands around my waist while we soaked in that barely warm jacuzzi.

You were as beautiful on the outside as you were on the inside.

With all of your muscles, transcendent tattoos and gentle blue eyes; I thought for sure you were another sleazeball…and who knows, you probably are.

But when I was with you, you reminded me of why it’s important to stay grounded and humble…. You reminded me of who I used to want to be.

If only I could pause this moment. Enveloping my senses in…

Your skin,
Your scent,
Your words,
Your heart.

But I can’t.
Because nothing lasts forever. 

So when I’m with you or when I meet another you, I don’t think about tomorrow or even 5 minutes from now. I just saturate myself in these limited moments and surrender my inhibitions.

all we have is this moment for the taking.

Let’s make it fucking count.


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