It was our first time meeting after months of back and forth Tindering.

You suggested Yogurtland at the Spectrum; which was a really great first date choice, but I didn’t know where it was exactly…

Do you know if it’s close to the movie theater?

I asked.

Ha ha I don’t know.

You replied.

You texted me that you just parked in the structure and would meet me at the shop.

I was running about 10 minutes late; I ended up parking in the structure too and simply followed the ‘Dining ⬅️’ sign. I was surprised that I got there before you did.

You said you were lost and felt like you were walking forever. You said you must have parked in the structure on the other side or something.

A few minutes later, you pulled up a chair right next to me and settled in as if we were old compadres.

You had light brown hair and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen; you were wearing dark blue jeans and a black v-neck. I loved listening to you talk. Your voice was soothing, like Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones; which is funny since you’re a twenty-something year old white boy.

I found you interesting, appealing and hysterical.
I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much.

We talked for hours… you were an open book that I couldn’t put down.

We stopped by a directory and that was when you realized we parked in the same parking structure.

You used your index finger to show me which path you took to meet me.

(You’re the black line, I’m the red line. The yellow stars represent our starting location and destination.)

I couldn’t stop laughing.


Our date was coming to an end and we began walking towards the infamous parking structure. I asked which floor you parked on.

The first floor.

You said.

Cool, the same floor as me.

I replied.

We walked up to my Jetta and that was when you said,

You parked right next to me.

Was this a joke?

You’re kidding me……right?

WHAT THE FUCK..?!?! We parked right NEXT to each other???

Not BY each other…….. but NEXT to each other?


I could barely breathe from laughing so much.

So, I don’t know if I believe in
or cosmic jokes.

you made me smile,
and that’s all that


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