We’ll See


I found you waiting for me at the entrance of Edwards.
I wrapped my arms around your neck and held you close for a second.

You’re a good hugger…I like that about you.
Then I kissed you on the lips and we walked towards the line to buy some tickets for the next showing of Black Mass.

I didn’t care that it was going to be my second time watchingย it,
I just cared that it was my second time seeing you.

The movie ended and the night was still young.

I spotted some vacant tables and chairs; we decided to hang out longer for some Q&A time.

I still thought you were hilarious and interesting.

A few minutes later, a young couple asked if they could sit at the adjacent table; they hoped they weren’t intruding.

Then the girl began complimenting my tattoos and asked if

They hurt?
What else do you have?
I don’t know if I should get any since I don’t have any..

Her SO began chatting you up too, it was very Leave it to Beaver.

I hate clutter; so I stepped away from the comradery to throw away our empty fruit snack wrappers (haha).
When I returned,
All 3 of you were quiet.
I asked,

What happened?

And in a hushed tone, you said

I’ll tell you later.

We resumed the pleasant chatter with them for a few more minutes before they decided to call it a night and go home. ( I feel awful for not remembering their names…)

Once they were gone and the coast was clear, I asked again,

What happened… while I threw the trash away??

You got quiet and laughed to yourself.
Then told me that they asked you,

So you guys are married?

With which you replied,

Not yet. (Wink)

Then they asked you,

Boyfriend and girlfriend?

And you answered,

We’ll see.



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