It was a few photos at first, that peaked her interest. She could tell that he was smart and funny, simply from the words he used for his bio.

A few months passed before they exchanged numbers.

He sent her silly photos of him
Drinking coffee and
Eating Oreo’s.

And she sent him photos of
The blood moon.

She was recovering from a broken heart;
He was wondering if he could ever love again.

They finally decided to meet in person.

It was a Thursday.
It was still warm in Southern California,
So she dressed accordingly
And waited for him.

The attraction was instant.

She kept him at a distance,
With a guarded heart.
He was so perfect and unfamiliar.
She thought, he could never hurt me

Until he did.

He didn’t mean to hurt her.
He wasn’t trying to.

But when she couldn’t text him how much she
Loved him,
And missed him.
When she couldn’t hear him call her “Baby”,

It was unbearable.

She remembered all the times he would touch her face.
And when he was loud in public places,
Not in an obnoxious manner,
But in a there’s no one else but us way.

She remembered how good he smelled
And how he would gaze at her lovingly.
She remembered how he would hold her close in public,
And how he would hold her closer before falling asleep.

She thought to herself how she
Can’t go through this again.

She can’t love and lose again.
Or if she did lose, let it be because …


She can’t love

And lose

When he told her that he wanted to be with her;
She felt terrified.
She thought,Β what if I fuck up again?

But then she thought,Β what if I don’t?

So she gave herself a second chance
Fell in love all over again.


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