Lash Extensions 101


A friend of mine asked me to find her a good Groupon for Lash Extensions. Upon her request, it made me realize how much I had to say about Lash Extensions based off my personal experiences. I had so much advice that just kept pouring out of me, and although I am not an esthetician nor have any formal (or non-formal for that matter) training on applying lash extensions; I definitely have a ton of experience being on the receiving end!

First off, when you are getting lash extensions for the first time, or on naked natural lashes, you will have to get what they call a “full set of lashes”. This can take 1.5-2.5 hours for application and without a coupon, can run anywhere from $99 to $300.

I’m sure you can see the appeal in getting a Groupon or Yelp Deal (or other, maybe Living Social too). But also, if you’re anything like me who fidgets a lot … trying to stay as still as possible for 2 hours can be a challenge. Also, I get cold pretty easily and one time, while getting a full set applied at a studio in Newport Beach, the girl had the door wide open!

Which was about 10 feet from where I was lying,

and it was evening,

and wintertime,

and I was freezing!

But I also didn’t want to make a fuss, so I just lied there, frozen, and hoped she was fast.

Lash Options:

  1. Classic– Basically looks like I’m always wearing false lashes.
    a. They feel like plastic (to touch)
    b. 1 synthetic lash glued to 1 natural lash
  2. Volume– my favorite but more expensive than Classic.
    a. They feel lighter (in weight) than classic.
    b. They feel super soft (to touch) than classic.
    c. They glue 3+ lashes to 1 natural lash
    d. They also look way more beautiful/natural than classic lashes
  3. Color Lashes – Lashes typically come in brown or black – so you look like you are wearing mascara. But they also come in different colors of the rainbow for special occasions. Some studios charge extra, some don’t. Not all salons will carry or offer colored lashes, but don’t be surprised if they do!
  4. Lash Style – Lash extensions can be applied to feather out in different styles. I get mine to feather out on the outer corners of my eyes. If you have a preference, be sure to speak up before they are applied, or else you will get stuck with whatever the esthetician decides to do.
  5. Lash Shape/Lengths – Lash extensions come in different shapes and lengths, I always get C or D lashes – It’s always good to go in knowing what you want. Since not all studios carry all shapes/lengths, I just tell my girl that I want super noticeable drag queen lashes!

Upkeep & Routine

  1. I recommend getting a 1 hr fill every 2 weeks.
  2. Or 1.5 hr fill every 3 weeks.
  3. You will probably receive a lash brush, make sure to comb them every day.
  4. Try not to touch them as much as possible, you’ll understand why once you have them.
  5. Don’t ever wear mascara.


  1. If they were fantastic, tip 15-20% and schedule your next appointment for a fill.
  2. If they were not fantastic, still tip 20% but don’t return.


  1. Although I’m guilty of purchasing 3 Groupons and 1 Yelp deal for a full set of lashes, the quality fell flat and therefore I did not return. (I’m talking clumps of glue and/or glued to my eyelid instead of my natural lash)
  2. It is hard finding a talented person to do your lashes, if you found them, stay with them.(I had someone who had shaky hands and kept stabbing me with her tweezers, talk about painful!)
  3. When I first began getting lashes, the glue would burn my eyes, so I had to try different studios until I eventually found a girl who did lashes with glue that did not burn my eyes. (Because it really sucks when you’re driving and your eyes begin to burn – can’t believe I’m still alive!)
  4. I always let them know about my latex allergy. Some know if their glue has latex in it, some do not know – I would be hesitant with people who aren’t aware of the ingredients or quality of the products they use.
  5. Good experiences use a gel pad to cover my lower lashes. Bad experiences require the gel pad for lower lashes (some have even used scotch tape instead of gel pads for my lower lashes, which will hurt when it’s time to remove the tape) and then tape my eyelids upwards towards my brows (which is super, duper painful and left my eyelids red and irritated from the adhesive and tight pull for the longest 2 hours ever – I eventually had to throw in the towel and didn’t care if she was finished or not).
  6. Your experience should be relaxing and painless. If you feel any discomfort or pain, let the girl know. Some chairs/beds are super uncomfortable for your neck. A good lash studio will accommodate, but there have been times when I had to bring my own neck pillow.

8 thoughts on “Lash Extensions 101

  1. Omg…I so feel for you!! I feel the same way. I had so much information after receiving lash extensions for 6+ months that I even made a video on my page about it, lol! It is addicting though, isn’t it? I couldn’t stop going back. Are you still getting them done?


      1. Oh yeah!!!! It has to be cold pressed to get the extra nutrients. But basically paint it at the base of your lashes with an eyeliner brush. It is insanely effective!! Give it two weeks and you’ll for sure notice a difference! 🙂

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