Meatless Mondays


I have read a ton of literature on plant based diet benefits. Not only does it benefit personal health, but it also benefits the planet. Pretty cool, right? Also, once I learned that it takes 3 days for your body to digest meat… the thought of all that Korean BBQ sitting inside me, rotting… for 72 hours… yuck.

So it’s been a dream of mine to go vegan. I tried it for a month, like 1o years ago and WOW – did I look good? My skin was clear & glowing, I didn’t feel bloated and I had way more energy than usual.

I could just start today and go vegan again, but instead, I’m gonna take baby steps and slowly incorporate meatless options into my diet. And who knows, one day I may wake up vegan without even thinking about it anymore!

First baby step: #meatlessmondays

An entire day of meals that do not include animals! Well, I’ll still eat fish and dairy, but I will not eat my go-to animals anymore (cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys). I guess I should call it #pescatarianmondays but it’s not as catchy.


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