LUSH FRESH Handmade Cosmetics


I first heard of Lush while browsing Pinterest and saw this appealing Lush poster and was inspired to begin shopping! (I’m a sucker for good marketing)

I like how they are natural-ish and are against animal testing.

Since I have adult acne, I was interested in face cleansers and makeup. I am satisfied with the makeup, but not so much the cleanser & mask that I purchased because I still have surprise pimples making their weekly debut.



Dark Angels Face & Body Cleanser

Smells like tar and gets stuck underneath my nails, which is a pain cleaning.


Mask of Magnaminty

Has a hint of mint scent and lays on thick. Didn’t really notice any tingling sensations or see a difference after 2 weeks of use, but maybe it’s just my body chemistry… who knows!



Enzymion Facial Moisturizer

I got this because I have super oily skin. But this moisturizer kind of burns in a non-painful way; and in turn works wonderfully with my oiliness. I mean, I’m still shiny, but not as much.


Light Yellow Colour Supplement

I use this stuff as my foundation-blemish-cover-up. I’m half Mexican and half Chinese and it’s really tough figuring out my skin tone which I believe is olive or yellow or both. So I settled with this Light Yellow Tint and am super satisfied! I mix it with my Enzymion moisturizer.


Then I set it with some powder.


Emotional Brilliance

I love this stuff! But I hate the container. Wish it came in a compact or had one of those holey lids to help minimize how much I pour out/apply.


Feeling Younger

I love this stuff too! It gives you a glow. I apply it underneath my eyes mostly.


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