Mother’s Day Gift


This Mother’s Day, I wanted to go simple, yet thoughtful, cost effective and of course, functional.

I’m trying out a minimalist lifestyle, where I try to get rid of stuff that I never use, like these super adorable porcupine cards that I’ve had forever. And since I wanted to gift 4 of the mom’s in my life (mom, step mom, sisters who are mothers); I knew that I had to be mindful on budget.

I knew that I wanted photo magnets; because they are just so awesome! Right? I mean, you keep them on the fridge, an appliance that you see at least once per day. And wouldn’t it be nice to approach your fridge and always see super cute magnets of the people you love? hahaha, at least I know I would! Plus they can hold stuff, like kids drawings, menu’s and whatever else you deem worthy to pin to a fridge haha.

 Social Print Studio was having a sale plus 2 day free shipping! I HAD to take advantage of it and bought twenty 2 in. x 2 in. photo magnets for roughly $30.


Trader Joe’s is the BEST place to purchase flowers. Their assortment is always vast, fresh and beautiful. I bought tulips, peonies and succulents. Each roughly $5 bucks or less!


I also purchased dove chocolates for $10 (kinda expensive but they are super delicious and worth splurging on… I think). Here are 2 examples of deconstructed gifts:


The mom’s seemed happy with them. What do you think?


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