About 3 miles away from where I live, is a hiking trail called Peter’s Canyon. I go there strictly for exercise because it has so many hills that I am confident is good for toning my bum (haha) and then the cardio itself is just good for the heart.

A lot of people will bring their dogs, or ride their bike or even ride their horse here! The amount of animal feces I have seen… man.


Above is a photo of the beginning of my hike. At first it’s flat.


Then it get’s really hilly and dirty. I really love this photo of the sun peaking behind the mountains. I sometimes can’t believe and often forget how lucky I am to live here. IMG_2804.JPG

After climbing the tallest or steepest hill, you get this amazing view. If you look closely, to the left where you see that squiggly path, I walked that. Crazy, right? I am very impressed with how lovely this photo came out. It’s a view of a small city called Tustin. Might include bits of the city Orange, but I’m sure it’s primarily Tustin, CA.


I also live reasonably close to this ginormous park in Irvine. In this photo, you can see the cute playground, to the right is the visitor’s center where you can buy tickets to ride the big orange balloon (you can see it in the background) and the carousel.


There’s also a preserved hangar with cool artifacts and info about the city of Irvine.


There are artist studios where you can see the current installations for free. Behind the artist studios is the cute informational farm that is open daily and can be visited for free too. And on Sunday’s is the farmers market. There’s so much to do here and more, just click on the link to view all the free and fun activities if you live nearby or are planning a visit 🙂

I would never describe myself as outdoorsy. But I do love being outdoors 2nd to my 1st love: staying home and binge watching whatever show I’m currently addicted to while eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

And with the minimalist lifestyle I’m trying to adapt, these 2 free activities are my top favorite.


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