Turning 32


As I re-read my Turning 31 post, I cannot believe how much I have changed in just a year!

I wouldn’t say I changed for the better or worse. I think I looked way better a year ago (long hair, skinny); but I am happier mentally and emotionally this year.

But this isn’t a year in review kind of blog post. Although, it’s not a bad idea…..?

My birthday this year landed on a Thursday. I know, lame. So I decided to work that day and take Friday off for a relaxing 3 day weekend.

The day of, I woke up to a lovely text message from my wonderful boyfriend, wishing me a happy birthday, and then my REAL LIFE Fairy God Mother, aka Nina Kookie, called me and sang “Happy Birthday” to me! I was in line for my free Starbucks drink and began crying my eyes out ha ha.

I went into work, kind of dreading since sleeping in sounded so good. And was greeted with awesome gifts and cake!



Work went by so fast thank goodness. For dinner, my dad and brothers took me out for some KBBQ. It was as good as it sounds!


Friday morning, I drove up to Long Beach at Schooners or Later for breakfast with my mother and older sisters. Later that evening, my boyfriend surprised me with a new beautiful coach purse and dinner reservations at one of my favorite restaurants!


On Saturday, I went up to Long beach again to visit one of my younger sisters, who surprised me with flowers and more cake!


And THEN, the following weekend (I know, my birthday was spread pretty thin this year ha ha) my oldest sister surprised me with belated gifts!


All in all, I had another really great birthday and feel very grateful for all the people in my life.

Side Note – for my sisters birthday this year, she went on a free birthday escapade and I decided to copy her. So all the free stuff I got for my birthday that I also enjoyed were:

  • Free Shake from Del Taco
  • Free beverage from Starbucks
  • Free sandwich from Jersey Mike’s
  • Free tostada salad from El Pollo Loco

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