May Musthave Box



Happiness delivered indeed! I am so happy I resubscribed to Popsugar’s Must Have Box. I love everything inside because it’s so functional, healthy, happy and pleasant. haha

Just seeing it on the porch and waiting to open it up is like Christmas all over again!


As for a review on the items:

REVLON Volume + Lenth Magnified Mascara – I LOVE IT. I don’t want to sound like an advertisement, but it really lifts, lengthens and creates volume for my little lashes! No clumps! It doesn’t splash on my eye lids like some other brands do, it’s amazing! I’m so hooked and will definitely be a Revlon customer for now on.

FOLDABLE Yoga Mat by Gaiam – I already have/own a yoga mat by Gaiam that has lasted me years; so I’m uber excited that I now have a new one that’s even in one of my favorite colors and offers a super convenient folding option, that I can tuck away in a backpack or purse! I haven’t tried this one out, but I’m sure it’s as wonderful as my current one.

HAPPY SPRITZ Breathe Deeply – is literally a fresh of breathe air. I simply sprayed it on my face and felt energetic and like I could breathe easier ha ha! I love that it’s full of essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus; it’s like I just came back from the spa.

HINT KICK Apple Pear Water – It tastes not great at first, and then it tastes like candy, and then it has a not great after taste ha ha. I’m interested to see if the caffeine aspect will do anything for me, but it’s not something that I would go out of my way to buy. If I had the berry flavor, I’m sure it would be way tastier. I really like that there’s zero calories, sugar and diet sweeteners. So I definitely don’t feel guilty drinking it while I’m on day 3 of my juice cleanse.


Bluma Project Capri Bracelets – are darling. They remind me of friendship bracelets. I really like that some of the beads are 24 karat gold! (Since I’m a ghetto gold girl and love my gold)


SPONGELLE Spongology Body Buffer – is THE BEST THING EVER. It buffers my dead skin cells away and the soap —– oh man! It smells like the Snuggle Bear; like heaven I imagine. I am just so happy that this was in the box because although it’s a bit rough, and I read someone complaining that the rope/handle reminds them of a rat’s tail, and I guess it would if I knew what a rat’s tail felt like, but I don’t care! That scent and the fact that it buffers – all in one – is genius to me.

KOCOSTAR Foot Therapy – I haven’t tried this yet, but I am definitely looking forward to it.

JIMMYBAR! Peanut Butter Clutter Jimmybar! Clean Snack Bar – I gave in and ate this on day 2 of my juice cleanse. Since the ingredients were so pure, healthy and gluten free, I figured it was safe. It was delicious at first since I missed food so much (ha ha! after only 2 days!) and then it didn’t taste delicious. It tasted really healthy and unsatisfying, and too sweet. So, although it is definitely guilt free, I would rather snack on raw almonds or hummus with veggies.

I’m trying out Popsugar’s Musthave Mini Box for this month in June, super excited!


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