On day 2 of the juice cleanse, I ate the above JimmyBar! before bed. I figured since it was super duper healthy (see below), why not?!


The first bite was delicious but then it was too sweet and unsatisfying. SO NOT WORTH IT. Wish I stuck with my cleanse or ate raw almonds instead. You live you learn.

On day 3 of my juice cleanse, I accidentally froze my juices, which is one of the No’s on the cleanse instruction card that you are given when you order from The Raw Juicery. So I let the juices sit out in room temperature before consumption. Still tasted good/bad as usual.


Overall, I did the juice cleanse for a mini fresh start. I have been eating pretty terribly lately and needed to do something. During the juice cleanse, I felt lighter, more energetic, but I also had these really mean headaches. I wanted to reach for the Ibuprofen so badly, but didn’t. I knew that it was just a side effect of my body eliminating the toxins I had inside me. And since I’m no stranger to fasting, the 3 days went by pretty quickly for me. But I probably won’t do it again for a very long time since those headaches were really painful.

Nowadays, I am more thoughtful with my meal choices and do my best to view food as fuel instead of an indulgence. Ya know? You gotta take care of your body… no one else will!


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