June | PopSugar Musthave Mini


I was supremely disappointed with my PopSugar Musthave Mini.

For $18.95 plus tax, you receive 1-2 full sized products.

For my first (and last) mini box, I received a bag for my luggage (that sounds weird) and a lipstick!


It was just so lame. I mean, I don’t need more lipstick. What I do need is something cool and unique that I can use around my home or person.

It’s suffices to say that I cancelled my subscription and instead am using those funds towards my new subscription with Scentbird.

If you aren’t familiar with Scentbird, basically, for $15/month, you will receive a 30-day supply of expensive perfume or cologne (choose from 450+ designer fragrances). It’s perfect for those who (like me) are not sure which fragrance is right for them and therefore would like try them out for a fraction of the cost.

My first ScentBird should arrive within the next week and I am very excited!


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