I am very pleased with this month’s MH Box!

EVERYTHING is functional and cute. The chips were tasty too.. he he.


This is a UV hair protectant and also works as a styling cream. It was perfect for my recent Vegas trip and smells SO LOVELY – it smelled clean and luxurious. My hair felt so healthy and moisturized while walking around in 105 degree weather.

I adore these cloth emoji napkins. I just don’t think I’ll ever use them as napkins since getting them dirty would be the last thing I’d want.

This scarf is cute, but not really my style. Perhaps I’ll regift it.

I am so digging these cute pins that are coming out! I have a jean vest that I can add my new flair to.

When I first glanced at the inflatable swan, I thought that it was the full size pool float and was SUPER EXCITED. Until I read that it was a drink holder. I’m still satisfied with it but man, I wish it was that full sized pool float!

This brow highlighter is the best! It’s silky and shimmery. Lays on light and even has an end with a sponge to blend in after application.

I love that my Must Have boxes always (or mostly) come with a delicious snack haha. These did not disappoint! Who doesn’t like kettle chips?!


I think the above House of Pom Emoji cloth napkins are adorable, I kind of wish they were coasters though. Perhaps a DIY project is in my future?

Total value for this box comes out to: $137.50. Not too bad! Especially since I love how trendy and adorable everything is!


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