June| ipsy


My June ipsy bag arrived and I’m fairly satisfied.

I mean, $11 for a new eye shadow brush, stellar eye shadow, mediocre blush, super cute nail polish and facial masks?
Oh duh! And the super adorable (very) L.A. bag….??!!! A pretty good steal!

I know I have only myself to blame, but when I look up #ipsy on IG and see what other subscribers received and love their glam bags more than mine… I feel jealous.

So I guess I should stop snooping?

  • The nail polish paints on evenly and is super pigmented, only 2 coats needed!
  • The UD eye shadow in Fireball, is a very pretty pigmented pink, I just love UD because you don’t have to worry of it wearing off!
  • The eye shadow brush wasn’t bad either, it gave great coverage when applying my new shadow
  • The blush was a very light and subtle pink – not my style really
  • I haven’t tried the masks yet, but I’m sure they will be as expected